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Ransomware Protection

If ransomware begins to encrypt files, Acronis quickly detects & halts this process. any data if exposed and encrypted before the process was halted can be recovered by detects and deflects attacks, and restores files of any size!

Universal Restore

Minimize expensive downtime by restoring Windows and Linux systems to dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

Instant Restore

Achieve RTOs of 15 seconds or less by starting your Windows or Linux backup directly from storage as a VMware VM; no data movement required.

Files Cloud

Increase user service availability by protecting your Office 365® mailboxes, Microsoft Azure® VMs, and Amazon EC2® cloud workloads. Migrate workloads easily between various clouds, virtual systems, and physical machines (P2C, V2C, C2C, C2V, and C2P).

Disk-Imaging Backup

Protect your entire business with complete and reliable backup images of your entire system, files, or data. Store backups to a variety of storage devices, including local disks, network storage, and the cloud. Easily recover a complete image or selected files, folders, items, and applications.

#1 Virtual Server Protection

Mitigate risks with agentless and agent-based backup and recovery of your virtual machines and hosts on any of six supported hypervisors. Migrate between different hypervisors and to/from physical machines (P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P) or the cloud.

Actual recovery of ransomed files

If ransomware begins to encrypt files, Acronis quickly detects and halts this process. Because Acronis is a backup solution, any data that was exposed and encrypted before the process was halted can be recovered from a variety of backup sources. Not only can't alternative anti-ransomware solutions commonly end an attack once it has started, they have no way to recover any files encrypted by the attack. Acronis Active Protection detects and deflects attacks, and restores files of any size!

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Zero Up-Front Costs to Get Started

  • Eliminate the need to purchase or install any software or hardware Backup services on the go.

We Speak Your Language

  • Backup software & management consoles available in 18 languages. 24x7x365 support for partners via chat, phone and email.

Seamless Scalability

  • Grow your business base with a true multi-tier, multi-tenant, cloud architecture.

Why Customers Love's Us?

     FAST, Compared to its main competitors, Acronis backup for VMware proved to be the easiest to use, fastest for recovery and the most efficient solution.

Samuel Chemouni, Technical Director,
Gerard Darel

Pattern detection

Acronis Active Protection constantly observes patterns in how data files are being changed on a system. One set of behaviors may be typical and expected. Another set of behaviors may signal a suspect process taking hostile action against files. The Acronis approach looks at these actions and compares them to with malicious behavior patterns. This approach can be exceptionally powerful in identifying ransomware attacks, even from ransomware variants that are as-yet unreported.

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Whitelist and blacklist

Acronis Active Protection is capable of detecting new threats based on already identified patterns as well as learned ones. Results must be adjusted to reduce false positive detection of things that really aren't ransomware. Acronis Active Protection maintains a whitelist - programs that are allowed and expected to perform certain actions - to prevent authorized activities from being falsely tagged as unauthorized.

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Self-defense of backup files

One way that criminals could choose to compromise files would be to attack the backup software itself to corrupt the backup files it creates. To protect against this, Acronis has implemented a robust self-defense mechanism that won't let criminals disrupt the work of the Acronis application or backup file content.

Additionally, Acronis Active Protection monitors the Master Boot Record of Windows-based computers. It won't let any illegitimate changes to be made to prevent you from being able to properly boot your computer.

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